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Teeth Whitening locations in the Columbus Ohio Area


Will whitening my teeth damage the enamel?

Whitening your teeth using a safe product and in moderation will not damage the enamel. However, never use a product containing alcohol, chlorine dioxide or any acidic ingredients.  You actually have more of a chance of damaging the enamel by brushing your teeth too often or by overusing an abrasive product such as baking soda or whitening toothpastes that contain abrasive ingredients.

Isn't teeth whitening expensive?


It can be. Having your teeth whitened at a dentist office can cost $400 - $1000.  Although we do recommend seeing a dentist on a regular basis for x-rays and cleanings, when it comes to teeth whitening, we help you find an affordable alternatibve that is still safe and effective. Considering the amount spent on hair, nails, make-up and other cosmetic procedures, keeping your teeth their whitest can be very affordable. 


How much whitening is too much?

Whitening your teeth too much can cause severe and even irreversible sensitivity.  If you do experience sensitivity you should lower the frequency and duration of the whitening gel being on your teeth. We have discovered that whitening frequently but for only 20 - 30 minutes at a time will get your teeth as white as they are going to get without experiencing sensitivity.  Once the desired tooth shade is achieved, following up with an at home product and a 20 or 30 minute in-office treatment a couple times a year will keep your teeth their whitest all year long. 


Does it cause sensitivity or is it painful?

Occasionally, bleaching gel will come into contact with the gums or lips. When whitening or "blanching" of the soft tissue does occur, it should be very tolerable and the white should go away within 30 minutes.  Sensitivity is the most common side effect of teeth whitening. We recommend using a professional product like Abella Ultra-White™ which has proven to not cause sensitivity. 


Will it whiten my crowns and fillings?

No. Bleaching will not damage or whiten artificial dental work past its original color. As a matter of fact, if your natural teeth are already whiter than the caps or fillings, whitening your teeth more will only make the artificial teeth appear even more yellow. If you are considering replacing artificial dental work, make sure to whiten your teeth as much as you can before the procedure so the dentist can match the color to your whitened teeth. 


Who should not get their teeth whitened?

If you are under 14 years old or have not had your permanent teeth for at least 2 years,  have cavities, gum disease are pregnant or breast feeding you should not whiten your teeth.